Green HR Practice

This area is naturally a great choice for wide-sweeping “greening.” Here, HR departments are being seen hiring and recruiting more of a workforce that is aware of and personally more committed to green matters than the typical job candidate.

Outsource HR Services

KAFALAT HR to assist with a series of HR projects and we were very satisfied with the outcomes. We encourage early-stage organizations to consider KAFALAT HR whether to bring your organization’s HR department into compliance or augment HR staff.

Organization development

Most executives understand that culture is important, but do not have a firm understanding about how to effectively harness it in productive and meaningful ways that drive business performance.

Place for Kafalat Consultancy (Pvt.) Ltd.

As Pakistan is a developing country and due to magnificent change in political and economic environment of Pakistan, it is desperate need of Pakistani businesses to bring them up as per international standards so that they can contest in the world of throat cut competition. According to United Nations report of human development index 2016, Pakistan has ranked 147 out of the 188. There is a big gap and Kafalat is offering services to minimize this gap through providing services to local businesses to improve their productivity and to reduce their financial loss.

Key Characteristics of Organisational Development

Organization Development (OD) is the work of facilitating organizational success, by aligning structural, cultural and strategic realities of work to respond to the needs of an ever-evolving business climate.

Characteristics of OD include:

  • Changes to the structure, culture, strategy and processes of an individual job through to an entire organisation.
  • The application of behavioural science knowledge and practice to facilitate transformation within an organisation.
  • The improvement of organisational effectiveness by involving members of the organisation in understanding the challenge whilst enabling in them new skills, knowledge and ways of thinking.
  • The promotion of high productivity, performance, quality products, financial performance and continuous improvement.

About Us

The company “Kafalat consultancy (organization development consultancy and services provider.” was assimilated in 2014 with the mission to serve the small scale business class of Pakistan. Afterword in the light of company vision it started to offer services to medium and large scale organizations of Pakistan. “Kafalat” is offering its service in organization the development consultancy (strategy formation,
standardization and streamlining of business structures, process). The main focus of the company is to provide the solution of business management issues to business and process owners to achieve maximum output with minimum input by identifying the risks and threats and applying preventive solutions.


    KAFALAT uses a systematic process to assist your organization in mastering change while responding to challenges & opportunities


    As a natural occurrence, every organization experiences challenges that result from growth & change in the marketplace or within the organization.


    KAFALAT has extensive experience providing informative workshops for all kinds of audiences & with staff at every level.


    KAFALAT works with your organization to assess, develop & strengthen the knowledge, skills, abilities, processes & systems that your organization needs to better serve your constituents, stakeholders & the community while adapting & thriving in a rapidly-changing world.